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Emerging Trends In Web Design


The world of web design has been growing rapidly as people and businesses are using website as their branding or commercial tool. Web Design Malaysia agencies also keep up with the growth of web design. Trends change in a very fast pace, so if we are not keeping up with the latest trends, it is likely for your site to lose potential customers. So 2019 is here, what are the latest trends for web designers or website owners to follow?

  • Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence or broadly known as AI is a branch in IT discipline that has grown in such scale and speed throughout the last few years. Now, web designers are deploying the AI into part of website development so that web development process can be more cost-effective and efficient. Aside from becoming part of the development process, another form of AI implementation is using ChatBot as customer service role. Lastly, voice search would also become a big thing in near future.

  • Accelerated Mobile Pages

Accelerated Mobile Pages or AMP allows websites to be mobile friendly and increase the loading speed. It is supported by Google and will become the biggest trend in web development as it also provides seamless UX.

  • Single Page Applications

Single Page Application (SPA) uses JavaScript to load all relevant content in one page in one shot so that users do not need to keep reloading over and over again. This allows faster and more interactive experience for users.

  • IoT Integration

IoT capability would change web development process. This technology aim to connect billions of devices hence IoT integration would be mandatory in the future.

Web designers in Web Design Malaysia must be up to date with the latest trends so that they can offer added value to the clients and be the leaders in web design.